3 trends of the consumer electronic industry that shape our lives

This art í ass was translated from our edition ó n in English 233; s using technology í as of ia. There may be errors due to this process. The opinions expressed by Entrepreneur collaborators are personal. "> Elect ó consumption nica It stands as one of the important industries that shows the technological advances more clearly. Today in D í A, the largest í a of the people have devices in their homes that will only be available for the research laboratories ó n m á s large and the ultra rich in the past M á s. As the technological capacity continues ú a growing, manufacturers are in a career to implement devices that can change the quality of life.

the ú We have been a per í particularly active in the industry. First, the rhythm of the technological advancement has increased exponentially, together with the number of companies involved in the production of the devices. In addition á s, a variety of events have shaped the direction of innovation, changing the focus of the large and small and manufacturers to certain á Reas. These trends are a great opportunity for everyone in the industry, from large -scale manufacturers to small emerging companies and their investors. Those who can get ahead of the curve may reap the benefits of satisfying a demand for clients increasingly m á s large and apparently endless. This demand is estimated to overcome á

technology í a health

this industry sector has Importance recently largely by world pandemic. Companies have struggled to offer new devices that can be used to protect people from diseases. These devices have covered the entire range, from m á smart facial scars that provide protection of grade n95 at the same time they provide sterilization spaces auton ó noma. . The $ 250 billion soon . Many intelligent watches brands have included M á s sensors in their products for a health monitor older to generate automal alerts same.

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